Our Products


While our boxes are constructed of 3/4" , 1/2" and 1/4" plywoods, our face frames are from the finest lumbers.  The most popular species are Maple, Rustic Cherry, Knotty Alder, Poplar (paint grade) and FAS Cherry.  Many other species are available upon request.

Door Options

We are currently working with three vendors that are providing us with high quality doors.  Between these three, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.  Additionally, our vendors are flexible and offer you multiple options to change the inside profile, the outside profile and the panels.

Drawer Fronts

Unless you advise us of a change, you will have slab lumber drawer fronts constructed by Scoggins on your cabinets.  Upgrade options are available. These options come from our door vendors and are ordered at the same time as the doors and listed separately on your estimate/invoice.  Should you order a custom outside profile on your door, we can provide you a slab drawer front with that same profile at no additional charge to you.


Scoggins offers both stain and paint finishes.  We have stock colors here, however, you can choose something from our MLCampbell line or we can color match for you.  While color matches are welcome, you must agree to the fact that while we will attempt to obtain an exact color match, many variables may cause the resulting color to be off by varying shades. Those variables include but are not limited to the age of the sample, the type of paint/finish used on the sample, wall coloring, lighting, etc.


We offer a variety of wood enhancements for your cabinets.  Hardware Resources® is our go to vendor for all wood enhancements.  Visit www.hardwareresources.com to view corbels, posts, feet, custom trim and decorative hardware.  Just provide us with the item # and we will obtain pricing for you and add it to your estmate/invoice.  

Storage Solutions

Many of our customers are looking for storage solutions to assist them in making their new kitchen not only amazing, but functional.  These solutions are not only available for the kitchen, but the laundry room, baths, closets and so much more.  Rev-A-Shelf™ has a large offering of solutions for nearly every room in your home.  Visit www.revashelf.com for all your storage needs.